TriMaLo: Einschulungskombi mit Elodie zum 2.

Da meine Tochter eingeschult wird dieses Jahr, wird es ein solches Kleidchen werden. Passend zum Schulranzen 🙂
Ich bin schockverliebt O:-)

Kleid Elodie von Farbenmix

Quelle: TriMaLo: Einschulungskombi mit Elodie zum 2.


Pattern: Moody Hose

Chasing Bunny


Professor Moody’s Hose: Now on Ravelry!

<> Whatever yarn you want. I used 4 oz.  Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Blue Lagoon
<> Set of 5 double point needles.  I used US sz. 1 for a gauge of 8 sts per inch.  Using the small directions yielded a small ladies‘ sock.

<> Appropriately sized cable needle or extra dpn.

Sizes: Lots of ribbing makes these socks very stretchy.
Note about the sizes: I choose my yarn and needles based on the number of sts in the foot. Thus, the size labels are only that, labels. You could knit these for a large person using worsted wool, and the small size directions. Use the size that best suits your yarn, gauge, and recipient.  Mine were knit with fingering weight yarn and the small instructions to yield a small ladies‘ sock.
<> Small – 92 sts at calf, 60…

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